November 19, 2010

Klueless 6

So Klueless 6 is out and I have been breaking my head with it....lost some hair in the due course..

Try :

Initially, i did not want to give the clues, but there are many who keep searching the Net for possible clues, and some of the levels are just too arbit(which is all the more fun!) this post is just for you guys. Here are some clues or hints for cracking the different levels.

Klueless 6 Level 1 Clue : Come on. Cant you just click?

Klueless 6 Level 2 Clue : A coin is always tossed.

Klueless 6 Level 3 Clue : Censored.

Klueless 6 Level 4 Clue : The title was made too easy; if you still dont get it, cant you spot the
region in the map?

Klueless 6 Level 5 Clue : Solve the riddle. But am sure you always work on it.

Klueless 6 Level 6 Clue : You need to cross this level.

Klueless 6 Level 7 Clue : Do what the picture asks you to do. hint 2 Clue : Spot anything?

Klueless 6 Level 8 Clue : Use what is visible.

Klueless 6 Level 9 Clue : If you dont know the mask, you cant proceed. He belongs to?

Klueless 6 Level 10 Clue : Easy one. Use your language skills.

Klueless 6 Level 11 Clue : Source gives you a hint

Klueless 6 Level 12 Clue : I think this is the toughest level. Very good one. No clues, try your luck
and loose your hair.

Klueless 6 Level 13 Clue : You outta know science to solve this.

Klueless 6 Level 14 Clue : Sigh! Go and have a drink now.

Klueless 6 Level 15 Clue :  Title gives you a good clue, and yes, you better listen to him.

Klueless 6 Level 16 Clue :  Cant you really find the missing ?

Klueless 6 Level 17 Clue : Look Up.

Klueless 6 Level 18 Clue : Counting and multi-coloured tongues.

Klueless 6 Level 19 Clue : Toughie - like 12. You gotta be a CS guy with add-on skills. But dont surrender.

Klueless 6 Level 20 Clue : Am working on this now.

[ I am slightly busy now with reading and other duties and am trying to keep myself away from the Klueless6 addiction for a week; i shall return after a few weeks ]
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