When one can quote himself, why quote others? * Some of mine...

  • I am what I am becoming.
  • You see what you choose to see.
  • I am your forgotten sense of serendipity.
  • Your history is a compendium of Your accumulated choices over Your lifetime.
  • The Intent is more important than the Question.
  • Fix the Root-cause, not the Symptoms.
  • Given a Choice, which one would you fix : Present or Future?
  • Things look good or evil only in retrospect.
  • Death does not erase your stupidity.
  • Your future is not password protected, go and seek.
  • All Men must fall; but those with ego shall fall faster and nastier. 
  • Death is not a destination, it is a phenomenon.
  • The trajectory of our consumption is expedited only by our arrogance.
  • When the world looks at you in disbelief, you do not stand up and explain yourselves. Just carry on whatever you are doing; the world will catch up.
  • Sarcasm confuses stupid people.
  • Step up so that you don't fall back.
  • Your comedic prowess is a function of your cognitive ability.
  • Make Life happen for You.
  • It need not be good, it should be interesting.
  • Selective erudition is the bane of our education system.
  • Everyone has an Opinion on Everything these days.
  • Innovate not to obscure past failures, but to ensure future successes. 
  • A curtain curtails the chaos present on the other side. 
  • Tragedy is a Closeup, Comedy is a Long Shot.
  • The dealer shuffles the card before he reveals them.
  • Earn your vacations, just like you earn your money.
  • There should be a World Password Change Day!
  • Simple prescription for World Peace : Observe, Smile and Move On.
  • The greatest trick Social Media ever pulled was, it convinced many that it is not Media.
  • For you pushed me to the deepest depths, And it was there, I found the most beautiful diamonds.

 * Narcissus redux.
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